FAQ ItemQuestion
1Accctrl9 error uninstalling earlier ver. of IGSS
3Active profile only visible profile in list
4Add External types in sysconfig
5Alarm log full of repeated alarm
6Alarm Notifications from IGSS Mobile stopped working
7Alarm on failure of historical data backup
8Alarms to Stationary Phones
2Access security warning appears when running IGSS standard reports
9Area renaming and BCL files
10Audit Trail from operators
11IGSS auto-generation tool
12Automatic emailing of reports via dial-up connection
13Automatic startup of external programs
14Avoiding “Object reference not set…” messages
15Backed-up files and altering configuration
16BCL file conversion
17Can’t edit objects without states
18Can’t print from Terminal Server
19Changing the symbol table names
20Check box outline behind radio buttons on Windows 2000
21Choosing a dial-in modem
22Comli driver and alarms from MJK Data Transmitter 795
23Operator station connection to data in MSDE/SQL broken
24Continuous IGSS Update with same 2 files
25Converting configurations older than version 8.x to IGSS32 v3
26Converting IGSS v2 to IGSS32 v3 format
27Converting old WinPager settings in IGSS v5.1
28Customizing the IGSS Help files
29Database setup wizard always in Danish under Windows 2000
30DC.exe is using large amount of CPU
31DC.exe uses a large amount of memory
32Delay start of IGSS when using the Siemens S7 driver (ID 8)
33Descriptions of general driver alarms now available
34Diagram name does not appear in the Diagram menu
35Dial-up drivers do not receive incoming alarm calls
36Different colors in floating and system tray alarm icons
37Direct alarm print does not follow format settings
38Display or block alarms from underlying diagrams
39Driver Setup settings lost in IGSS32 v3 update 2
40Drivers missing in IGSS Starter
41Effects of MSBlaster Virus on IGSS
42Engineering units missing after conversion
43Entering the SMS center access phone number in Winpager
44Error Accessing and Displaying CHM Files
45Error initializing VBA
46ERW error in Office XP
47ERW not compatible with NetBEUI
48ERW patch v.16 triggers an error
49ERW report generation stops before completion
50ERW Values Not Generated
51FAX and WinPager
52FAX modem and WinPager
53Fields in the Object Properties form
54Firewall Ports and IGSS
55Genhdm.exe Crash
56Getting help on the ODBC interface
57Graph disappears after click on “Ignore All Messages”
58Graph generation fails on more than one Thin Client
59Graphs print out automatically
60Hardlock driver ( HLVDD.dll ), Windows 7 (64 bit)
61Help system (Winhlp32.exe) crashes
62Hiding some object properties in Supervise
63HLVDD.dll not found
64Save Winpager settings on my Windows 7 machine
65How to resolve installation issue
66If Alarm printer is sticky
67If PLC driver doesn’t start
68IGSS cannot find my printer
69IGSS cannot find my printer part two
70IGSS freezes after change in alarm print format
71IGSS Installation Program fails
72IGSS Master cannot see AD user groups
73IGSS not showing in remote desktop session
74IGSS objects and ActiveX controls programed in VB 6.0
75IGSS ODBC Access to Database not working
76IGSS on Multiscreen system
77IGSS Portal login
78IGSS registered in a different folder
79IGSS Update .NET Framework Error
80IGSS Update and antivirus programs
81IGSS Update Fails Without Warning
82IGSS Update server address error
83IGSS Update without Internet at customer site
84IGSS V8 Update crash
85IGSS V9 & V10 on Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2
86IGSS version 9 trying to load my version 8 configuration
87IGSS version number naming
88IGSS, Win XP SP2 and antivirus programs
89Import and Export issues in IGSS
90InstallScript engine missing
91Interference between printer and hardlock
92Jobscheduler Parameters with reports converted to v9
93Keyboard shortcuts in the Definition program
94Lasat modem can’t connect to MJK Data Transmitter
95Launching programs from the User Programs menu
96Local time versus UTC time
97Local Time Zone text disabling in IGSS standard reports
98Mass renaming of IGSS objects
99Missing elements in Alarm list print out
100Missing states and/or command atoms on digital object
101Modicon Modbus/TCP driver: Unable to select
102New display of Alarm logs
103No alarm indication on button controls
104No Help on node status object alarm
105No objects in the Select Objects dialogue
106No reports in the internet portal
107ODBC Server error message
108OP Station Allowed to Upload
109OPC Errors with XP SP2 DCOM
110OPC Issue
111OPC server registration fails
112Optimizing LOG file memory allocation in IGSS
113pcAnywhere shows error message when logging off
114Periodical report generation as HTML file in Job Scheduler
115Periodical Reports shows only an Overview report
116PLC Comli driver halts on modem connection
117Polish version of IGSS Portal
118Portal Error Message
119Portal Graphics Missing
120Preventing wild, unrealistic values in periodical reports
121Print jobs cannot be executed by Job Scheduler
122Printing “What’s This?” Help topics
123Prioritized operators and retransmissions explained
124Problem with hardlock driver in V4.1 on Windows NT4
125Problems with the maintenance database
126Proxy server support in IGSS Update
127Reboot Windows NT automatically
128Redraw error on Thin Client PC
129Renaming of areas causes ODBC driver to crash
130Report generation incomplete
131Report preview or print gives error
132Reports or graphs fail on Windows 2003 Server
133RMS Action Pane missing
134RMS on network drives
135RMS report templates located on network drive
136Screen refresh too slow
137Sequential reports not viewable
138Setting up Remote Access Service on a leased line
139Siemens TC35i – adding new commands
140Sinec H1 connection failure
141Slow OPC client update with IGSS OPC server
142Slow Operator station
143SMS messages can’t be sent with GSM modem
144Sql Server express
145SQL Server installation problems on Vista
146Supported MS Office ver. in IGSS v9.0 and 10 for Reports
147System Alarm when disk not full
148Table objects missing in periodical report format
149The MS-SQL server does not answer
150Thin Client VBA Error
151Transparent symbols not wanted
152Unable to dial into WinPager while alarm messages are being sent
153Unable to link to ODBC using Access 2003
154Uploading configurations with a runtime system
155Using IGSS32 User Administration
156Using NetBEUI to connect to WinNT 4 server
157Using symbol libraries in IGSS
158Using the Save As command in Definition
159Using the User Administration security module
160Using the WinPager option
161VBA editor inaccessible
162VBA error in Supervise at startup
163VBA memory error
164VBA-related error messages
165Which alarm numbers are in use in my IGSS project
166Windows Installer 3.1 missing
167Windows Installer error on Windows 2000
168Winpager on Operator Station, Distributed Driver (Backup)
169WinPager still sends alarms after deactivation
170WinPager upgrading and conversion of old settings
171I can not save external types added in SysConfig
172Running IGSS install

Diagram References: Display highest alarm

174Maintenance: Change object name on existing jobs
175IGSS Mobile app: How to change input keyboard on android version 9 mobile phones
176IGSS Mobile app: Is not able to install on Android or iOS device
177Android Alarm Notifications on IGSS Mobile stopped working