Graph disappears after click on “Ignore All Messages”

FAQ Question

When I try to generate a graph, the “Graph Data Missing” dialogue appears. I click “Ignore All Messages” but then the graph disappears altogether. Why?


When you generate a graph in the Supervise program, IGSS first investigates whether graph data is available for the whole graph period. If some of the graph data files (.log or .bcl files) are missing, the “Missing Graph Data” dialogue appears. If you click the “OK” button you will be able to click through all the missing file messages and the graph will appear correctly.
The effect of clicking the “Ignore All Messages” button should be to ignore these messages to show the graph immediately. Unfortunately, this didn’t work in System Update 4 where the graph disappeared altogether.

The problem is fixed in the attached patch below. Download it and unzip it to the [Install path]\GSS sub-folder to overwrite the existing def.exe file.