Discover IGSS Features

Explore and discover the features our Interactive Graphical SCADA System has to offer.

System Configuration Module

Definition Module

Configuring Templates

Configuring Objects in IGSS

Configuring Running Project

Multi-Editing with Property Table View

Bulk Configuration with the Group Object

Layers and Views


Multi-Monitor Support

Calculations on Object Values

Job Scheduler

Definition Enhancements

Graphics Management

Other Enhancements Improved

Faceplate Feature

Integration with Windows User Management

OPC UA Client and Server

SNMP Client and Server

Supervising the Process

Supervise Enhancement

Graphs and Trends

Graphs and Trends (V12)

IGSS Dashboard
    • Alarm Trend widget
    • Access control
    • Other enhancements

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance Enhancement 

Thin Client Monitoring with IGSS

Playback Feature

Alarm Precision and Flexibility

Event Registration List

Alarm Notification by SMS or E-mail (Notifier)

Notifier Enhancement

Alarm Enhancement

User Administration

Audit Trail on User Activities
    • Export to CSV
    • Access control
    • Clear all filters
    • Detailed notes for changes

Safe Commands

Web Browser Solution Using ActiveX

Remote Access Solution

Live IGSS Data on Web Pages

Open Architecture


Automation Interface

Database Configuration with ODBC

OPC Client and Server

VBA Interface in IGSS

SQL Support

Microsoft Excel

Standard and Custom Reports

Global reports

New report functionality

Conversion of reports

Operator Report Feature