Live IGSS Data on Web Pages

Present IGSS Data Exactly As You Want on the Web


IGSS process values and real-time data can be displayed on web pages in any fashion you want. It is not difficult to connect to the IGSS Server and fetch live IGSS data. Here are two real-life examples for inspiration.

Case 1: Cassini web server and Adobe Flash solution

The challenge

Solar heat is becoming more and more popular in Denmark with the number of private and utility plants now exceeding 30,000. Solar heat is used effectively in district heating plants. Danish system integrator, YIT A/S, are experts in the district heating business. YIS A/S was asked to provide a web page showing current and historical solar heat data from different solar plants.

The solution

YIT A/S chose to customize the default page of the Cassini Web Server to improve the display of IGSS data. Live data was extracted from the IGSS ODBC Server using JavaScript and then presented in the web pages as required. YIT A/S chose an Adobe Flash country map of Denmark to provide an overview, with a red dot for each solar plant. Clicking a red dot opened a historical data page in HTML format. The principle of the solution is shown here.

(image of the solution)

The result

Business professionals and private people interested in solar heat can now inspect current and historical values on

The first page shows a map of Denmark with the solar heat plants plotted in. Hovering the cursor over the red dot provides these values in a tooltip:

  • Current solar heat production
  • Current solar heat production in square meters
  • Current solar radiation

(image Denmark country map with solar heat plants)

Clicking the dot leads to a sub-page showing the historical values. On this page the user can download historical values in CSV format and show graphs of historical data (see below).

(image Graph of historical solar heat data)

Case 2: SQL Server and ASP solution

The challenge

Icelandic system integrator, Raftakn, was faced with the challenge of providing round-the-clock web-based supervision of a hot water distribution plant in Iceland.

The solution

Raftakn chose to extract live data from the IGSS ODBC Server and place it in an MS-SQL Server. Using ASP code they could now extract the data from the MS-SQL Server and present it live on a web page. The illustration below shows the chosen solution.

(image of the solution)

The result

Operators, plant managers and other staff can now view the key values from the hot water distribution plant in a standard web browser on this map:

The displayed values are primarily flows, water temperatures, wind velocity and direction.

The picture below shows the river running between the two small towns of Fellabær and Egilsstadir. The red line is the hot water pipe from Urridavatn where the 75 degrees Celsius water is extracted from approx. 1,000 meters depth.

(image of map)

Customized web server solution

If you want to try out the Cassini web server solution, you can do it right now.

IGSS has modified the default start page of the webserver to understand IGSS syntax. With a very simple syntax, you can thus extract live data from the IGSS ODBC Server. The data can be presented as you like on the web.

Start by reading the instructions in the file, How to set it up.htm.

(link to IGSS web app v1.0)