IGSS Mobile Application

Get the benefit of essential IGSS functionalty within the palm of your hands.​

Grab our mobile app from your preferred app vendor. The IGSS Mobile App enables operators to monitor and control certain things through the use of smartphones. The IGSS mobile app can connect to one or more IGSS plants, depending on the setup of the individual IGSS plants.
  1. Connect to one or more plants.
  2. Monitor active alarms.
  3. Acknowledge and shelve alarms easy.
  4. Update object values.
  5. Send commands to selected objects.
  6. Object trend data to a week back.

Due to security matters we, have highly recommend to have the newest operating system for your mobile device installed.

For android devices the IGSS Mobile app runs on Android 8.0 and above.
For iOS devices the IGSS Mobile app runs on iOS 15.0 and above.