What is new in version 17

We are excited to present our latest IGSS SCADA Version 17 software release featuring enhanced security functionalities aligned with NIS 2 and IEC62443 recommendations as well as new design capabilities that will take your design to the next level.

IGSS V17 was released in September 2023, offering end-users of the IGSS SCADA system as well as system integrators new features and improvements. Read more about some of the new features and improvements.

In version 17 of the IGSS SCADA System, the main focus for this release has been to strengthen security.
All communications used in internal IGSS interfaces for version 17 and later will be encrypted. 

Specific controls found in IGSS have been limited in their visual appeal, as they were bound to Microsoft Windows.
In IGSS version 17 this has changed, as we have added new interaction functionalities that improves the controls.

The Embedded diagram has been a part of IGSS for a while and used by many. In version 17, the Embedded diagram has been refreshed with new functionalities ensuring that System designers are able to design new and more modern user interfaces that best fit their design guidelines and the End user.

A Project Security Password must be defined and is used for negotiation the encrypted communication when establishing the secure communication based on the TLS 1.3 security protocol.

A Login process has been introduced in the IGSS Mobile app. This security percussing will help protect that access to the plant in case of a device being lost, or if you devices is simply left in the hands of a younger child playing a game of IGSS.

In version 17 alarm indications can the turned on during design time, this makes it a lot easier to design with alarms in mind.
In Supervise Alarm indicator are now also clickable, as a part of the descriptor.

More new Features

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Performance Improvements

Improvements and Enhancements