What is new in version 16

IGSS V16 was released in June 2022, offering end-users of the IGSS SCADA system as well as system designers a variety of new features and improvements. Apart from reading about the news below, you can also experience the new features in the Demo project by downloading the IGSS Version 16 software. 

XY-Plot in IGSS shows the relationship between two analog objects for a chosen period and easily determine whether there is a linear or exponential relationship between the two data sets.

Radar chart in IGSS visualizes the Deviation between Actual value and Set point for 3 and up to 6 objects. The purpose is to give the operator a quick overview when monitoring level 2 diagrams.

As an Operator you can now view, acknowledge and complete maintenance jobs all from the IGSS Mobile app. This will give you freedom f in the field an easier control over maintaining jobs.

MQTT is a publish-subscribe communication protocol. IGSS includes a new “IGSS MQTT Gateway” module that makes it possible to exchange data between IGSS and a MQTT Server (Broker).

The Object menu is now restructured into functional categories that better reflect the workflow of System Integrators and the new added functionalities in IGSS SCADA software.

System Configuration has an all new “Context Menu” tab, that can be used to define which menu items are available when displaying the object context menu with a mouse click in Supervise.

On the new “Interaction” tab it is now possible for the system integrator to specify the actions to perform when the end-user either left-clicks, right-clicks or double-clicks a descriptor.

In version 16 of the IGSS SCADA System, a system integrator can now create Library complex descriptors by combining Objects and different types of descriptors together and add them to their Library.

In version 16 the layer functionality in IGSS has gotten an overhaul and it now functions as a tool. The tool is intended to increase system integrators productivity when working with multiple views and layers.

Faceplate functionality and use in the IGSS Definition module has now been greatly improved for V16. The aim has been to improve and further enhance the workflow and productivity for the system integrator.

The function allows operators to view configuration alarm occurrences in the graph and to see if there is any correlation between alarm occurrence and the change in the object data viewed in the graph.

The Object menu is at the center of IGSS Definition and is an integral part of a System Integrators work day when they are designing in Definition and creating objects for their components.

More new Features

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Improvements and Enhancements

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