PLC Drivers Supported

IGSS Communicates With All Standard PLCs and OPC

The list shows the PLC drivers currently supported by IGSS. For details about the individual driver, click on “Driver info”. If you don’t find the driver you are looking for, please contact our Sales department.

* This driver is not part of the standard IGSS package. It must be purchased separately.

Siemens 3964R/RK5122Driver info
Siemens 3964R/RK512 (SICOS protocol)3Driver info
Siemens Sinec H14Driver info
Siemens Sinec H1 (SICOS protocol)5Driver info
Siemens Sinec L2 (FDL protocol)6Driver info
Siemens Sinec L2 (SICOS protocol)7Driver info
Siemens PROFIBUS/MPI S7 Protocol & Siemens Industrial Ethernet S7 protocol8Driver info
Siemens Simatic / TI500 Series & Texas Instruments 500 Series9Driver info
MJK Data Transmitter 79510Driver info
ABB Procontic T200, Hitachi H Series & Sprecher+Schue SESTEP Series 9011Driver info
BOSCH BÜEP19 / BÜEP19E12Driver info
SattControl Comli 3113Driver info
Saia S-Bus14Driver info
Square-D SY/MAX SY/LINK15Driver info
IDEC Izumi FA-Series16Driver info
Omron Sysmac Way17Driver info
Siemens Simatic S5 AS51118Driver info
Telemecanique Xway (Uni-Telway, Fipway and Ethway)19Driver info
Modicon Modbus protocol driver20Driver info
Mitsubishi Melsec-A (Serial RS232)21Driver info
Mitsubishi Melsec-A (TCP/IP)22Driver info
Sabroe&Soeby COMSAB II23Driver info
Siemens L2-FMS24Driver info
Allen Bradley RS-linx25Driver info
DDE Supermax26Driver info
SAIA-P827Driver info
Siemens S7 HMI Adapter (S7 protocol)28Driver info
FT2000 (AlarmNet driver)29Driver info
Dupline Modem Interface D 909130Driver info
Alfa Laval SattBus31Driver info
CMM 700032Driver info
Ørum & Jensen PS433Driver info
Generic TCP/IP Driver34Driver info
B&K 1301 IEEE 488 Interface Driver35Driver info
P-NET Fieldbus36Driver info
Siemens S7 TeleService interface37Driver info
FPC Link38Driver info
AI800 AlarmNet Driver39Driver info
ABB RCOM Extended Protocol Driver *40Driver info
KOYO DirectNet Driver41Driver info
OPC (OLE for Process Control) Client-Side Driver42Driver info
UniControls Driver43Driver info
Brodersen System 2000 interface driver44Driver info
Siemens S7 PCA adapter interface driver45Driver info
NewLog Data Logger Driver46Driver info
Gascromatograph file interface driver47Driver info
ODBC Interface Driver48Driver info
Omron SysMac Link Driver49Driver info
Data file interface driver50Driver info
VIPA TCP/IP driver51Driver info
Omron FinsGateway Driver52Driver info
Siemens S7 using SICOS protocol and S7 functions53Driver info
TCP/IP driver for MJK Equipment with GPRS interface54Driver info
Stella Primary Net Driver55Driver info
Stella Secondary Net Driver56Driver info
Siemens S7 PPI adapter interface driver58Driver info
SQL database interface driver59Driver info
SQUARE-D Multidrop COM port protocol driver60Driver info
Siemens S7 Netlink driver61Driver info
Phoenix Fernwirk protocol driver62Driver info
Teletronic Telelog63Driver info
MODBUS/TCP Driver64Driver info
TP 5-Tone Radio Driver65Driver info
Data file driver66Driver info
TComm Serial protocol driver67Driver info
TComm Modbus/TCP68Driver info
FLYGT AquaCom69Driver info
GE Fanuc SNP Protocol driver70Driver info
Siemens S7 TCP/IP Driver72Driver info
Driver 1 for UniControl (TCP/IP)73Driver info
Driver 2 for UniControl (Serial RS232)74Driver info
General Comli TCP protocol driver75Driver info
Modicon Modbus protocol driver with extended functions (Serial RS232)76Driver info
ElCom 9077Driver info
Siemens S7 TS adapter interface driver78Driver info
Mitsubishi Melsec-Q Serial protocol driver79Driver info
Fuji Electric Serial protocol driver80Driver info
MODBUS/GPRS driver81Driver info
Mitsubishi Melsec-FX Serial protocol driver82Driver info
SMS message driver83Driver info
OMRON FINS Ethernet driver (TCP/IP)85Driver info
Simatic S7 PC Adapter USB driver86Driver info
Allen Bradley SLC5 Series TCP/IP driver87Driver info
OPC UA Client side driver88Driver info
Mitsubishi Q/FX Series (TCP/IP)89Driver info
SNMP Client Driver90Driver info
MODBUS/TCP driver Altivar91Driver info
Allan Bradley AB TCP/IP driver92Driver info
MODBUS/GPRS driver Grundfos LC23193Driver info