General Comli TCP protocol driver ID:75

Interface Description

IGSS offers an interface for connecting to any PLC running Comli over TCP/IP. The IGSS32 system polls the PLC equipment cyclically according to one of four user-defined time intervals. The time intervals are configurable from 100 milliseconds to 999 seconds. The system automatically groups process data in data blocks – thus fully exploiting the communication link in relation to the present configuration.

Technical Data

Electrical Interface : Any TCP interface suported by Windpws
Protocol : TCP/IP
Types of data : Analog, I/O Ram, Registers (16- and 32 bits), PLC clock
PLC types supported : All PLC’s supporting Comli Over TCP/IP. Historical data only supported for PS4 and MJK
Addressing : Register(50/48), Bits (52/51), Datalog (75/77), Analog(5765), Floaf(79/80) Read Time(73).
Supported platforms : Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server.
Max. telegram size : 64 Bytes
Transmission speed : 10 Mb/Sec, 100 Mb/Sec.
Throughput : Up to 15 telegrams per channel per Seconf, (depending on available bandwith)
Max. number of channels : Max. 20
Max. number of nodes : Max. 20
PC hardware requirements : Standard COM port for serial PPP link communication, or standard NIC (Network interface board)
PC software requirements : Standard Microsoft Windows TCP protocol stack