Support and Update Agreement

Several Advantages for System Integrators and End Users

When the end-user purchases an IGSS license or when an old IGSS license is updated, a free 1-year Support & Update Agreement (SUA) is included, provided that the end-user signs no later than one month from the date of the agreement. When the initial one-year free Support and Update Agreement has expired, the end-user can select to extend the Support and Update Agreement for one year for only 15% per year of the current list price of the license.

The Support and Update Agreement includes:

  • Free update to the newest version of IGSS.
  • Free telephone, email or web support from the Schneider Electric, IGSS support team to the System Integrator.

If the end-user does not have a Support and Update Agreement or if end-users request support for unsupported versions of IGSS, the end-user will be charged for the support.

A Support & Update Agreement requires the end-user provides an Internet connection of at least 2 Mbit and grants full access to the IGSS system, to Schneider Electric in order to carry out web support.

Schneider Electric offers support for the 3 latest IGSS versions.

Updating an IGSS license

If you do not have a Support & Update Agreement, each version update costs 25% of the list price. The maximum update fee is 75% of the list price, if you are updating more than three versions back.

With the Support & Update Agreement you do not need to worry about updating your software. It is included in the agreement.

Why should you purchase Support and Update Agreement?

The end-user and the system integrator both obtain a number of advantages by purchasing a Support and Update Agreement.


  • The end-user pays 15% per year instead of paying 25% for each version update.
  • No extra costs are incurred for technical support from Schneider Electric. The end-user receives support via the system integrator.
  • New software versions are sent automatically to the end-user by the system integrator.
  • Always up-to-date with the newest IGSS features and enhancements.
  • End-users with the SUA will get priority support from the system integrators and Schneider Electric.
  • IGSS Technical Support can connect directly to the end-user installation using Remote Access Software. This is very practical for handling complex technical issues.
  • Opportunity for periodical service check of end-user installation.

Three good arguments for updating to a new version, when upgrading your license

If an end-user wants to upgrade his license, there are three good arguments for updating to the newest IGSS version at the same time. An upgrade means an extension of the current license with more operator stations / objects / drivers.

  • The end-user will save money by updating simultaneously with the upgrade (see calculation below)
  • The end-user will get a free Support & Update Agreement for the first year
  • The end-user will always run a supported IGSS version. Support is given on the current version plus one version backwards.

Calculation example

To illustrate what the user saves, the following theoretical example can be used. The end user wants to upgrade his IGSS V8 license from 200 to 300 objects. The end user now has two alternatives:

Alternative 1 – Simultaneous update of IGSS version and upgrade of IGSS licenses.
License is updated from V8 > V10 2,000 EUR
License is upgraded from 200 > 300 obj. 500 EUR
Total        2,500 EUR

Alternative 2 – Initial upgrade of licenses and a later update of IGSS version.
License is upgraded from 200 > 300 obj. 500 EUR
License is later updated from V7 > V9 2,500 EUR
Total        3,000 EUR