The IGSS Auto-generation Tool utilizes an Excel workbook to create objects in an IGSS template project. This is done by creating object templates in the IGSS project and creating entries for the required objects in the Excel workbook. The tool will then create the objects entered in the Excel sheet based on the templates created in the IGSS template project. 

1IGSS IntroOverview and Architecture1.40 Play Video
2IGSS System OverviewOverview and Architecture7.54Play Video
3Running IGSS as operator pt.1Supervise and Control14.35Play Video
4Running IGSS as operator pt.2Supervise and Control12.17Play Video
5Concepts and FrameworkOverview and Architecture6.57Play Video
6Creating a New ProjectSetup and Basic Design5.07Play Video
7Creating Areas and DiagramsSetup and Basic Design7.40Play Video
8Creating Objects pt.1Setup and Basic Design7.43Play Video
9Creating Objects pt.2Setup and Basic Design8.45Play Video
10Creating Templates pt.1Setup and Basic Design7.51Play Video
11Creating Templates pt.2Setup and Basic Design6.01Play Video
12Configuring AlarmsAlarms and Events10.18Play Video
13Configuring EventsAlarms and Events7.40Play Video
14Graphs and TrendingGraphs and Reports9.43Play Video
15Standard ReportsGraphs and Reports11.35Play Video
16Drawing ToolsSetup and Basic Design7.45Play Video
17Bulk Configuration with Group ObjectAdvanced Design8.40Play Video
18Alarm Management SystemAlarms and Events8.31Play Video
19User Administration pt.1Security and Tracking7.59Play Video
20User Administration pt.2Security and Tracking3.52Play Video
21MaintenancePreventive Maintenance10.44Play Video
22Customized Reports in ExcelGraphs and Reports9.08Play Video
23Faceplates in IGSSAdvanced Design9.31Play Video
24Customizing Standard ReportsGraphs and Reports8.20Play Video
25What's New in IGSS V8Overview and Architecture15.08Play Video
26Safe Commands and Audit TrailSecurity and Tracking10.21Play Video
27The IGSS DashboardsSupervise and Control 8.38Play Video
28Layers and ViewsAdvanced Design7.27Play Video
29Database Config with ODBCExternal Interfaces12.16Play Video
30IGSS OPC Client and ServerExternal Interfaces12.30Play Video
31Bulk Editing with Property Table ViewSetup and Basic Design10.26Play Video
32Enhancements in IGSS V9Overview and Architecture14.19Play Video
33IGSS MasterEnhancements in IGSS V910.46Play Video
34Connect a PLC and Get StartedSetup and Basic Design9.23Play Video
35What's New in IGSS V9Overview and Architecture12.42Play Video
36Alarms - New In IGSS v11Alarm5.01Play Video
37Graphics - New In IGSS v11Graphics11.11Play Video
38Productivity - New In IGSS v11Productivity11.34Play Video
39Supervise - New In IGSS v11Supervise9.46Play Video
40Notifier - New In IGSS v11Notifier14.02Play Video
41Mobile App - New In IGSS v11Mobile App11.48Play Video
42IGSS Operatørkurver pt.1Operator Graf part 1 (DK)15.21Play Video
43IGSS Operatørkurver pt.2Operator Graf part 2 (DK)15.43Play Video
44IGSS Faceplate NavigationFaceplate3.28Play Video
45IGSS Auto-generation ToolIGSS Auto-generation Tool7.59Play Video