Brodersen System 2000 interface driver ID:44

Interface Description

No description

Technical Data

Electrical Interface : RS-485
Types of data : Bits, Bytes Words and Dwords.
PLC types supported : Brodersen System 2000 Bitbus modules.
Addressing : Bit read/write DI DO. Word and DWORD read/write AI AO ZI ZO YI YO. Status, LogControl, LogData and System Event
Supported platforms : Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000
Max. telegram size : 256 bytes per telegram.
Max. number of nodes : Support for 255 Nodes (Brodersen modules) per network. Max 4096 networks.
PC hardware requirements : Brodersen UCB-93 Bitbus card.
PC software requirements : Brodersen UNICOMIO.EXE