Allen Bradley RS-linx ID:25

Interface Description

IGSS32 offers an interface for connecting to all Allen Bradley equipment supported by the Allen Bradley RSLinx software package.
The communication interface makes it possible to connect IGSS32 to the following Allen Bradley processors types: PLC-5® , PLC-2®, PLC-3®, PLC-5/250™ and SLC 500, using a number of different network types.
In order to use the communication interface an Allen Bradley RSLinx OEM license must be purchased from Rockwell Software seperately (Catalog number 9355-WABOEMENx). For more information on RSLinx and compatibility with specific Allen Bradley equipment and HW/SW requirements please have a look at :

Technical Data

Electrical Interface : All electrical interfaces supported by RSLinx. E.g. Serial RS232 or industrial standard ethernet.
Protocol : All Allen Bradley protocols supported by RSLinx.
Types of data : String, Fixed point 8, 16, 32, BCD 16, 32, IEEE float etc.
PLC types supported : PLC-5® , PLC-2®, PLC-3®, PLC-5/250™, SLC 500 and SLC 5000
Addressing : Node (PLC), data type (Data Blocks, Input, Output, Flags, Timer and Counter), Type index, bit offset.
Supported platforms : Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000
PC software requirements : RSLinx OEM version 1.7 or higher.