ODBC Interface Driver ID:48

Interface Description

This driver allows one IGSS32 system to read historical and online data from another IGSS32 system by use of the IGSS32 ODBC interface. Historical data can be accessed both through LOG and BCL (base class) files for actual and reduced data values. The IGSS32 systems can be connected either directly on a LAN or remotely on a WAN using RAS (Remote Access Service).

Technical Data

Electrical Interface : LAN or WAN
Protocol : SQL (ODBC) over TCP/IP.
Types of data : LOG and BCL type data.
Addressing : Table type (LOG/BCL), Object Name and Atom.
Supported platforms : Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000
Throughput : 100+ Values pr. second
Max. number of nodes : 10
PC software requirements : IGSS32 Ver. 3 or higher. Remote Access Service for WAN usage.