Fuji Electric Serial protocol driver ID:80

Interface Description

IGSS32 offers a serial interface for communication point to point with the Fuji PLC equipment. The IGSS32 system polls the PLC equipment cyclically according to one of four user-defined time intervals. The time intervals are configurable from 100 milliseconds to 999 seconds. The system automatically groups process data in data blocks – thus fully exploiting the the communication link in relation to the present configuration.

Technical Data

Electrical Interface : RS232c
Protocol : FLEX-PC
Types of data : Words and Bits are supported.
PLC types supported : Fuji Type N equipment.
Addressing : Input, Output, Auxiliary, Keep, and Special relay. Counter contact, Timer contact, Current timer value, Current counter value, Data register
Supported platforms : Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server
Max. telegram size : Up to 64 words per telegram.
Throughput : Up to 4 telegrams per channel per second. (Depending on available bandwidth).
Max. number of channels : Up to 8 COM ports are supported concurrently
Max. number of nodes : One node per channel.
PC hardware requirements : 1-8 standard COM ports.
PC software requirements : None