OPC (OLE for Process Control) Client-Side Driver ID:42

Interface Description

IGSS32 offers an interface to OPC servers supporting Data Access Custom Interface Version 1.0A and Version 2.0. The OPC interface use COM and Distributed COM browse OPC servers running on local and remote machines. The OPC interface supports the IOPCBrowseServerAddressSpace function that allow the user to browse the available data items in the server. It is also possible to manually appending text to an item selected from the resource tree to complete the item name.

Technical Data

Electrical Interface : OPC Server specific.
Protocol : OPC Server specific.
Types of data : OPC Server specific.
PLC types supported : OPC Server specific.
Addressing : OPC Server specific.
Supported platforms : Same supported platforms as the IGSS version on which the driver is run.
Max. telegram size : OPC Server specific.
Transmission speed : OPC Server specific.
Communication mode : OPC Server specific.
Throughput : OPC Server specific.
Max. number of channels : One
Max. number of nodes : N/A
PC hardware requirements : None.
PC software requirements : OPC Server