Omron FinsGateway Driver ID:52

Interface Description

The IGSS32 Omron FinsGateway communication interface offers connection to all Omron PLCs supported by the FinsGateway communication package. The driver supports a number of different network types including Serial RS232, Ethernet, Sysmac Link and Controller Link.

The driver requires Omron FinsGateway to be installed.

Technical Data

Protocol : Fins
Types of data : DM and CIO Memory
PLC types supported : All Omron PLCs supported by Omron FinsGateway
Addressing : Word and Bits
Supported platforms : Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000
Max. telegram size : Network dependent
Transmission speed : Network dependent
Communication mode : Polling and event driven communication
Max. number of channels : Up to 4 concurrent communication units supported
Max. number of nodes : Up to 256 concurrent nodes
PC hardware requirements : Applicable network interface board or serial ports
PC software requirements : Omron FinsGateway version 2 or higher