Telemecanique Xway (Uni-Telway, Fipway and Ethway) ID:19

Interface Description

IGSS32 offers an interface for connecting to Telemecanique equipment which supports one or more of the protocols and bustypes available through Telemecanique XWAY drivers. The XWAY suite of communication drivers range from UNI-TELWAY over FIPWAY to ETHWAY thus providing the user of a large number of networking possibilities and features.

UNI-TELWAY is a Telemecanique protocol which can be used for making point-to-point (and routed) connections from a PC to Telemecanique equipment supporting UNI-TELWAY.

FIPWAY is a proprietary 1 Mbit/s bussystem supported by Telemecanique equipment. Connecting to a FIPWAY bussystem requires the PC to be equipped with an interface board.

ETHWAY uses the standard NDIS layer provided by Microsoft to make an industry standard 10Mbit/s ethernet connection to Telemecanique equipment supporting this interface.

All these drivers are available from Telemecanique and are accessable through a common interface called XWAY. The IGSS32 Telemecanique XWAY driver uses this generic interface to connect to the described bus-types.

The IGSS32 system polls the PLC equipment cyclically according to one of four user-defined time intervals. The time intervals are configurable from 100 milliseconds to 999 seconds. The system automatically groups process data in data blocks – thus fully exploiting the the communication link in relation to the present configuration.

Technical Data

Electrical Interface : RS-232C, FIPWAY or IEEE802.3 Ethernet.
Protocol : Generic XWAY interface
Types of data : All data registers
PLC types supported : All Telemecanique equipment supporting UNI-TELWAY, FIPWAY or ETHWAY connections.
Supported platforms : Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98.
Max. number of nodes : Depends on bustype.
PC hardware requirements : Standard serial port for UNI-TELWAY.
FIPWAY interface board for FIPWAY.
IEEE802.3 Ethernet interface board with NDIS driver for ETHWAY.
PC software requirements : UNI-TELWAY Driver Software