Scalability and Backward Compatibility

Protection of Investment

Scalability and Protection of Investment – these concepts have been associated with IGSS from the start. IGSS can be expanded from 50 objects to 400,000 objects, from a single operator station to 50 operator stations. Using IGSS, your process supervision can start out simple, and continue to grow with expanding business requirements.

Engineering hours spent at the start are never wasted – the expanding IGSS system simply adds more building blocks to the foundation already laid.


Singler User
Multi-User with Distributed Driver, Dual Servers, Web Access and Notifier

Backward Compatible

And IGSS software is backward compatible. No matter how many new features are added to IGSS by our system developers, the new version will always be backwardly compatible with earlier versions.

The IGSS licensing policy is also in line with a step-by-step expansion strategy. It allows you to purchase additional licenses incrementally –in line with the growth of your business.

Your initial investment, as well as subsequent expansions, are never in danger of becoming obsolete. An IGSS investment now is also an IGSS investment for the future.