User Administration

Security is one of the keywords in an operating process facility. And IGSS provides security to the full with its User Administration module. It’s here that the IGSS system administrator sets up user rights and security levels and administers these for the individual users in an IGSS configuration. Users are assigned a user name and password, which is used at system log-in and which determines user privileges when performing monitoring and control tasks inside the configuration.

Documentation of Users on the System

The IGSS system administrator has access to a number of overview reports, which document the number of users, their names, passwords and membership in different user groups. Individual user rights and privileges are based on membership in a user group. It’s the group that is allocated specific rights, which are then passed on to the users who are members of the group.

Workstation Control

The module also allows the system administrator to assign exclusive control rights to a specific workstation. This is practical if all other users are to be barred from manipulating certain process components or objects for which a specific operator has been given responsibility.

Security Levels

Yet another security feature found in this module is the protection of specific process components or objects in relation to 4 levels of security. This is useful in cases where highly critical or sensitive components in the IGSS configuration only may be monitored and controlled by specially authorized personnel who work from a number of different workstations.

The User Groups in the User Administration panel in IGSS Master.