IGSS can contain ActiveX control and supports the ActiveX standard which is developed by Microsoft and is an open integration platform that enables software components to interact with one another. ActiveX enables developers to develop and integrate software components in an application as ActiveX controls. Because IGSS supports this standard, 3rd party ActiveX software can easily be integrated into IGSS.

ActiveX as Descriptor

An ActiveX control can be used as an alternative presentation of a process component on an IGSS mimic or process diagram. The ActiveX control is connected to an IGSS object using a standardized dialog in the IGSS Definition module called Definition. As opposed to other descriptors, an ActiveX control can be connected to multiple IGSS objects.

Example of an ActiveX Control

For demonstration purposes, we have purchased a popular ActiveX control for displaying analog measurements. The control is called GMS Angular Gauge ActiveX Control. (For further infomation, please go to

Typically, this control is used for displaying the current process value of an analog object (as shown in the illustration) but IGSS also allows enables the operator to send values back to the process, for example by letting him change the setpoint directly from the ActiveX control.

To show the process value, the needle is connected to the relevant analog object in the configuration. Right-clicking the “NeedleValue” property and selecting “Bind events TO control” brings up the “Bind control properties” dialog box where the IGSS object is selected.

(image ActiveX Descriptor)

The next step is to adapt the native ActiveX control properties which are accessible directly from the IGSS Definition module. Typically a developer would adjust the scale of the control, the number of tics, the legend, etc.

(Image ActiveX Control Properties)

Finally, we can show the process value directly on the process diagram.

(Image of a Speedometer )