What is IGSS?


IGSS is full featured automation software – a SCADA system for process control and supervision – with a long row of releases since the start of 7-Technologies in 1984. At that time, 7T was the first company in the world to develop an object-oriented and mouse operated SCADA system under the name of IGSS – Interactive Graphical SCADA system.

With more than 30 years of operation, IGSS is a proven system in many different and varied industries. IGSS always offers backwards compatibility to secure our customers’ investment. IGSS has numerous drivers for many industry-leading PLCs and standard communication protocols and new drivers are added regularly. Our intuitive software includes all features required for an “all-in-one” license to create turnkey automation projects and can be customized to address the customer’s automation requirements and business needs.

Today IGSS is a part of the industry business unit within Schneider Electric.

Partner strategy

We base the IGSS business on a partner strategy. We focus on assisting our partners when they use and promote IGSS. As a knowledge and value-driven company, we always stand by our partners with focus on software development and online marketing of IGSS. We have more than 30 years experience in this business and have a proven record for this strategy in collaboration with a broad range of very skilled and committed partners – all of whom who are using IGSS in many industries around the world.

We are continuously expanding our worldwide network of partners and appreciate getting new partners on board who share our values and are eager to work with a very logical, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use SCADA system like IGSS.

A partner must have high-level automation knowledge and a good position in specific industries with a relevant network.

Our partners are asked to participate in software update training sessions and to share their budgets, including marketing and sales activities, on a regular basis.

Partners will get the following benefits from a partnership with IGSS:

  • Free development system – no license and service fees.
  • Free access to technical support – fast and easy.
  • Free support for the first new projects – project Mentor.
  • Free online training from our website and YouTube.
  • Attractive partner discounts on competitive prices from smaller systems up to mega systems with 400.000 objects.
  • Leads from our broad online marketing activities.
  • Access to onsite advanced courses.
  • Access to online coaching and webinars.
  • Partner news.

Benefits for the system developer

  • ”All-in-one” license.
    • The standard version of IGSS is a full-featured SCADA or Supervisory HMI system. No extra modules or add-ons are required to create a turnkey SCADA project. This makes IGSS an all-in-one license product.
  • An integrated preventive maintenance system is included for free.
  • Easy language management in most major languages.
  • No scripting skills are required.
    • Use up to ten tags or I/O points in one IGSS object (no setup required).
    • Create informative and attractive reports using drag-and-drop.
    • Specify commands, states, alarm-in and alarm-out in one template
    • Link the same alarm text to multiple objects.
    • Use the Calculation feature to execute object calculations based on event or time. The calculations can be set up to be executed if a set of pre-defined conditions are met.
  • Logical object-oriented engineering concept.
  • Single tool operation – same platform for development and runtime functions.
  • Intuitive, easy learning curve with IGSS.
  • Much shorter time consumption for creating configurations compared to most other systems due to the simple and logical system structure.

Benefits for the end-user

  • All-in-one license – The IGSS standard version includes all software modules.
  • Connectivity with numerous PLC’s, RTU’s and standard protocols with drivers.
  • Easy report configuration and user defined curves and dashboards.
  • Scalable from small systems up to systems with 400,000 objects.
  • Preventive maintenance program included in license.
  • Favorable support and update agreement and free Online Training.
  • Full backwards compatibility to older systems.
  • Alarm notification by SMS or e-mail.