Definition Enhancements

New option to change animated symbol, rotation, flip or color according to state

When an animated symbol is connected to a digital IGSS object, it is now possible to specify which symbol, color, blink, or rotation to use to indicate each digital state.

Change Animated Symbol

New VBA interfaces for lines, polylines, polygons, ellipses and rectangles

The graphical objects line, polyline, polygon, ellipse and rectangles have been extended with a VBA interface that enables the object to be controlled from VBA scripts. In the VBA script it is possible to control object size and location; individual points for polylines and polygons; line color, width and style; fill color and style.

VBA Interface

“Fixed size” options for diagrams

“Fixed size” option has been added for diagrams. A diagram with fixed size enabled will not be rescaled when displayed on a screen with a different resolution from the one where it was designed – it will be displayed exactly as designed by the system integrator.

Diagram Fixed Size Option

If the diagram is opened in Supervise on a screen where parts of the diagram would be off the physical screen, the operator will have the option to use “Pan Window” to scroll all parts of the diagram into view.

Pan Window

Specify area name for objects in calculations

For configurations where object names are duplicated in different areas, it is now possible to specify the area name when referencing the object in calculation using the normal name@area notation.

Export Group

Export/import of diagrams/faceplates

A feature to export/import complete diagrams and faceplates has been added. The feature allows a system integrator to build a repository of common diagrams or faceplates that can be easily imported into new configurations.