Operator Station, Distributed Driver (Backup)

This station type is a special instance of an IGSS operator station. The station is directly connected to one or more PLCs and the drivers run locally on the station. Under normal operation the station is connected to the IGSS server and the drivers pass data on to the server.

When the backup option has been purchased, the license file containing the Single User backup option must be present on the station together with a hard lock in order for the station to be able to go into backup mode.

If the station becomes isolated due to a network failure or a server failure, the system restarts in backup mode and now functions as a Single User station running the drivers it ran before. Now the station is able to monitor and control the part of the process to which it’s directly connected.

Data collection on the station can be saved to a spool file, which is sent to the server when the connection is re-established. The distributed driver station can be set up to automatically return to normal operation when the server is back online.