Job Scheduler

To save time and tedious repeated work in your daily operation, IGSS is equipped with the Job Scheduler Module. The Job Scheduler automatically performs some of the standard tasks that are repeated periodically or it can be set to launch a task when an event occurs in the IGSS system.

The Job Scheduler never forgets – the daily report will always be printed – every day at the same time. On-screen reminders of daily routines to be performed or running 3rd party applications at designated times are some of the routines possible using the Job Scheduler module.

It can be set to automatically run in the background and be the watchdog that remembers to launch programs to assist in efficient plant management.

One of the most common uses of Job Scheduler is for automatic print out of various IGSS reports documenting the state of the process, for instance daily, weekly and monthly reports but it can be set to run any file on the computer.

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