New report functionality

The release of the new IGSS Reports module comes with a list of new and improved features for the user-defined reports:

More data types available for reports

– User-defined reports can now also include online values, alarm data for individual objects and alarm data for each alarm number.

Activate VBA function when generating a report

– When a report has been generated, the IGSS Reports module can be configured to launch a VBA function. This allows you to change parameters and send commands in your running IGSS project.

Improved copy/paste functionality

– The copy/paste function in Excel has been improved so that you can copy multiple report data tags and quickly change data parameters.

Generate a batch report for each occurring event

– Report sheets in your Excel file can be linked to a defined event. When generating the report, it will include an individual sheet for each time the event has occurred. 

(image Creating user-defined IGSS reports from MS Excel)