Added value for the IGSS System Operators

For the system operators, the IGSS Master module offers an intuitive access to all necessary monitoring tools and modules.

Some of the advantages for the system operators are listed below:

Start and stop projects from the Windows Taskbar

When the IGSS Master is running, you get the application icon in the notification area of the Windows Taskbar. The user can now right-click the icon to do the following actions: Start, stop, restart and start Supervise.

Standard reports and user-defined reports

Reports are an important part of monitoring and keeping statistics on the running process. This functionality has been made easily accessible for the operators directly in the IGSS Master window.

All help files relevant for supervising with IGSS

The IGSS Help system has a wide suite of help files explaining many different tasks with the IGSS software. However, the system operators only need help files and manuals relevant for supervision, hence only these help files are visible when IGSS is in Runtime mode.

IGSS Dashboards

The IGSS Dashboards offer a very flexible and customized supervision tool for the system operators. It is possible to have many different dashboards and with a single click, you can now switch between these dashboards.

Online language change

Many automation facilities have international workers in their staff group. To ensure correct and efficient use of the IGSS SCADA system, operators should always be able to work with the software in their own language. From the IGSS Master module you can now directly make an online change of the operating language.

Remote support with TeamViewer

In some support cases, remote support is the most practical and effective way of solving an onsite problem. Using the industry standard Remote Access solution, TeamViewer, end users can now get instant help from the IGSS Support Team. The end user simply clicks a button, then provides IGSS Support with a user name and password. They connect and can now troubleshoot the problem. The end user must have a Support & Update Agreement to use this feature.

Operator station login

Login to the IGSS server from an operator station is also very easy and straightforward with the IGSS Master module.

The IGSS Master module makes it easy for the operators to access relevant supervision tools when working in Runtime mode