Web Browser Solution Using ActiveX

Monitor and Control in Your Standard Web Browser

The web browser has become an indispensable part of our lives. This also applies to SCADA/HMI systems, where users want to be able to monitor and control using their favorite browser.

However, the security and performance aspects have been major obstacles in obtaining secure and fast supervision. But with the current internet bandwidth and connection speeds, supervision in IGSS with a web browser is feasible, secure and fast.


  • A Terminal Server with the appropriate number of client licenses.
  • IGSS must be installed on the Terminal Server.
  • The client must have a browser supporting ActiveX.

How it works

  • The client enters the terminal server URL in his browser.
  • The client logs on with his user name and password.
  • The client now has full access to all IGSS features, as if he was working on a normal operator station.

Security considerations

Industrial processes are very secure by their nature. Often, internet access is not available from the industrial network. To make IGSS accessible from the outside, the following very secure setup can be made:

  • Place the IGSS Server on the protected industrial network.
  • Place the Terminal Server on the public network.
  • Link the Terminal Server to the IGSS Server (see IGSS Help).
  • Create users and credentials in the IGSS User Administration module.
  • Optionally, create a VPN connection to the Terminal Server.

If you want your users to be able to connect anywhere, anytime – then the VPN solution is not optimal. The user must set up a VPN connection on the client PC, before he can connect.

Placing the Terminal Server on the public network does carry the risk of intruders. However, by isolating the IGSS Server on the industrial network, the IGSS project and all data files can never be compromised.

This example shows a web client connected to the Terminal Server. Notice that IGSS is running inside the web browser.

(Image of web client connection)