Thin Client Monitoring with IGSS

IGSS supports Thin client technology which can be implemented either with the Microsoft Terminal Server or the Citrix Metaframe product.

Thin Client architecture allows IGSS operator stations to be run as thin client workstations in the network. The IGSS operator station software, normally installed on each separate workstation, is now only installed on the terminal server computer.

Each time an IGSS operator station logs on to the IGSS configuration, the operator station will be allocated a session at the terminal server. Each operator station, or thin client, runs on the terminal server in its own session. Only the graphical output of the IGSS modules or programs is transferred over the network from the terminal server to the thin clients.

A thin client solution simplifies installation, upgrading and administration of the IGSS process control application in question.

A thin client session can also be initiated over the Internet. Plant personnel can thus be located at great distances from the process, which they monitor and control, and still, be able to carry out their duties.

Thin Client Monitoring with IGSS