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IGSS V10 includes a new Playback feature that allows the site operator to go back in time and analyze events as they unfolded. Playback is a great new tool in both analyzing prior system events, but also in training new system operators by going through known scenarios

New Playback Feature

The playback can be either in real-time or can be speeded up or slowed down as appropriate to analyze the behavior of the system. Playback works very much like a video recorder, but on the process values in the system. Enabling playback for a system does not require any additional configuration or setup – Playback works by retrieving the historical values that are already logged in the system.


The Playback feature may be used on both servers and operator stations without affecting the normal system operation. The major Playback features are:

  • Instant toggle between playback mode and normal supervision mode
  • Run playback from 1/1000 to 1000 times the real speed
  • Pause and resume playback at any time
  • Skip forward or backward to the next value change
  • Clear indication of playback mode to site operator