Preventive Maintenance Module

If you want to integrate maintenance reminders in IGSS, look no further than the Maintenance module. The module is included in the standard version – no extra costs.

The Maintenance module allows operators to:

  • Create maintenance jobs to ensure timely maintenance on process components
  • View the maintenance reminders in the Alarm and Maintenance lists
  • Access maintenance instructions, for example, service videos or manuals
  • Get maintenance alerts directly on the mimic diagrams

Four types of maintenance are available:

  • Periodical – Activated when a fixed service interval expires
  • Counter – Activated when a specified counter or limit is exceeded
  • Used Time – Activated when an object has been in operation for a specified period
  • Changes – Activated when an object has changed state for a specified amount of time
All maintenance objects
When the maintenance interval expires, the reminder will appear in the Maintenance List and, optionally, in the Alarm List. The latter method is preferred, because it provides the operator with the full overview of alarms and maintenance reminders.

The Maintenance module has been adopted by many IGSS end user plants. They find it easy to set up and highly effective in ensuring maintenance at the right time