Microsoft Excel

IGSS strives to be tightly integrated with Microsoft Excel which offers several great facilities for presenting and manipulating IGSS data. This has resulted in the following built-in feature in IGSS:

Additionally, historical data can be easily ported to Excel. The following data can be exported to Comma Separated Values (.csv) and opened directly in Excel:

  • Log data
  • Alarm data
  • Reduced values
  • User login/logout information

Once imported in Excel, you can present the data using the smart graph features in Excel.

The IGSS ODBC interface provides access to configuration data and historical data. Using Excel’s “Import Data” function you can subscribe directly to this data in a standard Excel sheet.

Furthermore, the hour, day and month values in IGSS are saved in a Microsoft Access database. Using Excel’s “New Database Query” function you can import, for example, hour data and present them in a graph.

Future releases of IGSS will expand the integration with Excel.