SQL Support

The IGSS software supports the use of any genuine SQL database as a storage and retrieval tool for data from the process. The default database engine for IGSS is the Microsoft JET or Access database, and it’s in the .mdb file format that historical values for the process are stored. Reporting functionality and other IGSS modules use this reliable database technology for storing and presenting information about the process and the IGSS configuration itself.

In large plants or process automation systems, however, the Access database technology for handling historical process data may become a limiting factor. For instance, in cases where the amount of process data approaches 1 GB, processing performance tends to decline, which is seen in longer response times for generating IGSS reports.

The alternative, therefore, is to use the IGSS feature of linking to an external SQL database, whose capacity for storing and retrieving historical data is almost unlimited. The SQL database can reside on a separate computer, as illustrated below, or it can reside on the same computer where the IGSS server software is installed.

IGSS supports both the Microsoft SQL Server and the Oracle Database. An added benefit of an SQL solution is that the groundwork is in place for creating truly large-scale database applications specifically tailored to the individual process.

(Image of SQL historical Data)