Object Oriented Configuration

Protection of Investment

Object oriented configuration is the cornerstone of IGSS. Object oriented configuration in visualisation systems has proven to be a major time-saving factor. This approach in IGSS ensures consistency in design, provides flexibility, accomplishes configuration modification dynamically and offers reusability of individual process components as well as whole configurations.

IGSS Objects

For further details on how to use object oriented configuration in the IGSS software package, please click on the following link to view the topic: Objects in IGSS.

The IGSS Group Object

To reduce configuration time further, IGSS includes the feature called the Group Object. The Group Object is basically a “container” whose content is a whole collection of existing process components or objects, which logically belong together. This type of “bird’s eye view” represented by the Group Object is used to copy whole configurations or parts thereof with a view to reusing these either in the same IGSS configuration from where they were originally found, or by exporting to completely new configurations.
Obvious benefits are reduced engineering costs and quicker customer delivery. For more details, please see the topic: The Group Object.