Standard and Custom Reports

The IGSS Reports module is seamlessly integrated into the new IGSS Master module and provides you with quick and intuitive access to all of your defined reports. Setting up the user-defined reports has also been made easier with a new user interface layout.

The IGSS Reports module integrated into the IGSS Master module

Watch the video about Standard Reports

Watch the video about Customizing Standard Reports

Here are given some examples of report formats that you can implement with the IGSS Reports module:

Typical report    formats   Example of use
Actual value report This report shows a snapshot of your process components. IGSS can be set up to automatically create this report when a certain situation or alarm occurs. This can be useful to perform a root failure analysis.
Periodical report This can be a daily report automatically generated every morning at 7.00 AM
Alarm statistics report This report gives you an overview and statistics of all alarms that have occurred, within a defined interval, for the objects selected in the report.
User-defined report – log report The user-defined reports are integrated with Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 which allows for very flexible and creative report layouts. All IGSS data formats are available as report data, for example, log data.
User-defined report – batch report User-defined reports can be made to list data for a series of batch production processes. The reports can also be automatically generated when a defined event occurs.