Added value for the IGSS System Integrators

The IGSS Master module helps the system integrators to quickly access the necessary development tools, such as design modules and relevant help files and manuals. This will make the configuration process easier and faster, both for new and experienced users of IGSS.

With the IGSS Master module, important testing, error tracking and debugging tools have been improved and made instantly accessible. For example, with a single click, you can now access the project’s event and communication driver log files. These can now also be filtered to effectively track any specific errors in the project. It has now been made very easy to set different logging levels on each IGSS application. From the new module, you can also directly access other very useful development tools, such as: 

  • The TCP/IP PLC Simulator which allows for test of data communication between IGSS and a set of simulated PLC registers.

  • Communications which lists the contents of: data packets sent to and from the PLCs, system data packets and error packets.

  • From the Detailed Status tool you will see all the active IGSS applications and their operational status. You can also easily show or hide a separate status window for each of the core IGSS data handling programs to monitor their status.
PLC Communication Tool

The Communications tool is a strong tool for following all types of data packets and their contents

The Event Log is intuitively integrated in the IGSS Master module

Important IGSS system files and project folders have also been made accessible through the IGSS Master module. This will help our support team to more quickly solve any technical problems that you would have encountered with IGSS.

The IGSS Master module will also offer you important and valuable system information. In the application window you will find the:

  • Events – these will provide detailed information of any failing IGSS operation.

  • Status panel – this will show the system state (running / stopped) and if any important data handling parameters have been set, for example, simulated values or no data collection.

  • Status bar – this will show the current process being executed along with any given parameters.

  • Notification bar – shows some basic and non-crucial information about the IGSS system.
IGSS Master Information

The IGSS Master module provides valuable system information to the project designer when working in Design mode

Open IGSS projects from Windows shortcuts or libraries

The IGSS project file extension, .elm, has been associated with the IGSS Master module. This means that you can create Windows shortcuts to your projects. In Windows 7 and Windows 10, you can even use the powerful Windows Explorer libraries to make collections of IGSS project files. A library can be set up to dynamically add any project files you create on your PC.

Different logging levels are easily set in the IGSS Master module

TCP IP Simulator

The TCP/IP PLC Simulator is a useful tool when testing the PLC communication