IGSS Dashboard

What is the IGSS Dashboard?

IGSS Dashboard is a new module in the series of monitoring tools included in the IGSS V8 SCADA solution. The IGSS Dashboard module offers the end-users of the industrial systems to create their own personalized process overviews on-the-fly. Furthermore, with the Dashboard module, you will get several new ways of displaying different process data, for example, graphs, LOG, and BCL data may be displayed in one view and be updated automatically.

Possibilities with IGSS Dashboards

The IGSS Dashboard process overview is set up by using a number of widgets. Each widget type will allow you to access and display different data which is useful for monitoring the process. The following widget types are available in the IGSS Dashboard:

  • Snapshot widget
    Gives you continuously process values for a selected IGSS object
  • Graph widget
    A graphical display of one or several selected IGSS objects
  • Log data widget
    Provides you with a list of logged process data for one or more selected IGSS objects
  • Memo widget
    Write yellow notes to remind operators of any important events in the system
  • Reduced data widget
    Shows a list of Base Class(BCL) or Hour-Day-Month(HDM) values for one or more selected objects
  • Web browser widget
    Embed any webpage, for example, the local weather forecast or a remote webcam connection
  • Audit Trail widget
    Keep track of user activity by showing a view from the Audit Trail module

The IGSS Dashboard module is run in a separate window, which is particularly useful in multi-screen solutions. Below is shown an illustration of an IGSS Dashboard.

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