Client/Server Architecture in IGSS

IGSS is genuine client/server technology for best performance and reliability. Changes in plant information are forwarded by the IGSS server to the operator stations, or clients, immediately when they occur. Clients need not issue time-consuming special requests for data updates – the changes are automatically broadcast over the network. This is client/server technology in IGSS with active intelligence at both the client and the server. The result: fast response times and incredible processing performance – even in the midst of several thousand changes per second in process data.

What Is Client/Server?

In a true client/server environment, both the client and the server processes are indifferent as to whether they execute on the same machine or on different machines. Usually, client and server processes execute on separate machines in the network, i.e. significant processing occurs on both.

IGSS has optimised its client/server architecture so that no matter what the size or complexity of the IGSS application, all data processing tasks are prioritised and distributed. This contributes to rapid exchange of data because the broadcast of changes in the data are given priority over everything else. Therefore, pressure on the network, which results from excessive traffic, is kept to an absolute minimum.

Off-site Access to Information

Client/server architecture is also used to realise a new kind of distributed information network – accessible anywhere and at any time. The IGSS application can be accessed with a wireless connection or via the Internet. This provides instant real-time or historical process information – an invaluable tool for fine-tuning daily operations and for implementing strategic planning.