VBA Interface in IGSS


The Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming interface is included in IGSS.  IGSS’ various data collection capabilities and the IGSS Automation interface together with VBA will give users a powerful set of tools for enhancing and fine-tuning their installations.

User-friendly programming

VBA is one of the most user-friendly programming interfaces available today. Learning to code in VBA is a relatively straightforward task due to the limited number of statements a user has to master. And during coding, the VBA editor presents the project in a tree view with IGSS-generated VBA object names.

(Image of VBA interface)

Using VBA in IGSS

Definition the VBA interface is called directly from the Definition module. This provides the system designer with convenient access to VBA exactly at the point in the process visualization where the code is to be run.

In the example below, VBA is used with the ActiveX component for displaying a trend curve with continuously changing values. In a genuine supervision context, the incoming, real-time values would naturally be read in via the IGSS Automation interface.

(Image of VBA example in IGSS)