Graph generation fails on more than one Thin Client

FAQ Question

I have an IGSS multi-user system running on a Terminal Server. Why can’t I generate a graph on more than one Thin Client at a time?


This problem occurs if the Thin Clients (and this can include the IGSS Server) share the same configuration folder on the Terminal Server. If this is the case, then it’s “first come, first serve” and only the first thin client to initiate graph generation is actually able to do so.

To avoid this problem, you must first map a drive letter to the configuration folder in the IGSS Setup program. Furthermore, you must create a configuration folder for each Thin Client connecting to the server; for instance IGSS_User1, IGSS_User2, IGSS_User3, etc. On each Thin Client PC, map to the same drive letter used in Setup and specify the unique configuration folders for each Thin Client. In that way, each Thin Client PC will be working with its own set of configuration files instead of sharing one common folder.

For a detailed procedure, open the “Multi-User Systems Help” file in the IGSS Start Menu. Go to the “Index” tab, search for “Creating thin client users on the domain server” and follow the procedure.