Sinec H1 connection failure

FAQ Question

Why does my Sinec H1 connection fail with error code 1202 after updating from IGSS version 8.x to IGSS32 v3


After updating from IGSS version 8.x to IGSS32 v3, one or more of the Simatic S5 PLCs connected to the SINEC H1 network will no longer connect to the IGSS32 server. An alarm with error code 4.XXX.1202 will appear in the alarm list and data from node XXX will not be updated.

Sometimes the remote Ethernet address on the CP boards in the PLCs are not all set to zeroes (“000000000000”). If this is the case, then the PLC will only accept connections from PCs with an ethernet address which macthes the remote Ethernet address. Since updating the IGSS system from version 8.x to IGSS32 v3 involves changing Ethernet board, Ethernet addresses will normally also be changed. This causes nodes with remote Ethernet addresses different from an “all zero” address to fail.

One of the two following solutions can be applied:

  1. Change the Ethernet address of the CP board in the IGSS32 server to have the same Ethernet address as the existing PC-ES5 board.
  2. Change the remote Ethernet address in th CP board configuration in the PLC to either match the ethernet address of the new CP in the PC or set it all to zeroes.