Siemens TC35i – adding new commands

FAQ Question

I’m having problems with my Siemens TC35i GSM modem. I couldn’t find this modem under the WinPager menu Service Providers – List of Services so I chose the one called Siemens M20/MC35/TC35 Terminal for dial out and the Dial-in (Siemens M20/MC35/TC35) instead. I use the same modem for both dial-in and dial-out.

Alarms are dialed out to my cell phone without any problems. But when I acknowledge an alarm with my cell, nothing happens. What’s wrong here?


The TC35i and the TC35 vary slightly. Therefore you must add some extra parameters to the string found in Initialize Terminal on the Dial-in tab under Service Providers – Settings….

After the first set of parameters found in the Initialize Terminal field insert the following exactly as shown:


This should solve the problem.