IGSS Portal login

FAQ Question
When I try to log into my IGSS Portal I get the message:
Server error:
Could not connect to the IGSS Portal-server
validateUser: The format of the file ‘Interop.IGSSonline’ is invalid.
How do I solve this problem?
This error occurs because the file Interop.IGSSonline.dll are used in two scenarios.
  1. When fetching data to Excel using the IGSSExcelRTD method.
  2. When fetching data to the IGSS portal server.
In scenario one the file needs to be in another build version than when running scenario two, we chose to distribute the version for scenario one with the release of IGSS 8.0.
To use the IGSS portal please download the other version below, unzip it and use it to replace your existing dll on the PC you need to run the portal from.
Bare in mind that you cannot you the IGSSExcelRTD method on this PC when done.