IGSS registered in a different folder

FAQ Question
When I start my IGSS system and try to start the Definitions module, I get an error message telling me that I have started Def.exe in af different folder from where it is started. Is there a solution for this?
Yes, there is.
  • Find the Command Prompt program from the Windows application button, right click on it and from the menu select Run as administrator and click the Continue button to Windows’ permission query.
  • Navigate in the DOS window to the IGSS install location and enter the subfolder called \gss.
  • First type in this command: dc /RegServer
  • Lastly type in this command: Def /RegServer

Note! If you have more than one version of IGSS installed, then you need to browse to folder where IGSS installed. For instance with a version 8, the default path is:

C:\Program Files\7t\Igss32\V8.0\gss