IGSS Update .NET Framework Error

FAQ Question

When I try to run the IGSS Update program to update my IGSS software from the web, I get an errror message about a program not being able to be initialized. How do I solve the problem?


Be advised that the error message seen is a type of system error message generated by the Windows operative system. This means that the content of the message will be generated in the language of the Windows present on the PC, i.e. the message will appear in English on a PC with English Windows, in Danish on a PC with Danish Windows, etc. Somewhere in the message text will be a phrase indicating that something has not been properly initialized.

The error is most likely caused by the absence of Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 on the PC in question. This is an optional install choice during initial installation of the IGSS software package. Check to see if the .NET Framework 1.1 software in fact has been installed in Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs. If not, find the IGSS software CD and look in the folder called IGSS32. From here run the 1033dotnetfx.exe utility. Now the IGSS Update program should function properly.