Problems with the maintenance database

FAQ Question

My IGSS Maintenance program database (mntdb.mdb) has abruptly ceased to function. What’s the problem and how can I solve it? 


As with all other Access databases, sometimes it begins to grow bigger and bigger for no apparent reason. Upon reaching a certain size, it simply ceases to function. In this case you’ll have to do a “compact and repair” of the database and then everything should again function normally. Until Microsoft fixes whatever problems they have in the Access database, and that is not likely to happen, you will probably have to repeat this procedure again in the future.

You can, however, take another course of action. If the Maintenance warnings are not of a critical nature, you could delay updating of Maintenance messages to, let’s say, once every hour. This then takes a lot of the load off the Maintenance database, which would then postpone or even avoid the recurrence of the condition described above.

To implement the delay, you must go into the Windows registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and find the path Software\7-Technologies\IGSS32\v4.0X.00\DC. Next, find the entry MNT_calc_periode whose default value is set to 900 (seconds). Try increasing the default to say 3600 (seconds), which is 1 hour. With this setting it can take up to one hour from the time a Maintenance condition warning is issued until the time it appears in the Alarm list.

As a consequence of changing the above, you should also change the default value for MNT_alarm_Scans_per_calc_periode by the same factor. If you do not make this change, acknowledgment and other information given to the Maintenance module will take a longer time to be handled. (With the default settings, the longest turnaround time is 900/60=15 seconds.)

However, this may not become a problem in which case you can increase the MNT_calc_periode entry without also increasing the MNT_alarm_Scans_per_calc_periode.