If PLC driver doesn’t start

FAQ Question

When I start my IGSS configuration or application, I get an error message informing me that my driver won’t start. What should I do?


You should begin by trying to activate the PLC driver in question manually. Carry out the following steps:

  • Shut down all IGSS applications and utilities that might be running. You can double check in Windows Task Manager to make sure that all IGSS related executables are not displayed here.
  • Find and remember the ID number of the IGSS PLC driver causing the problem. If necessary, go back to System Configuration, look it up and then exit.
  • Open a DOS box or command prompt and key in the following exactly as shown in the graphic below except the number immediately after the -n, which you replace with the ID number of the driver causing your problem.
  • Press ENTER.

RESULT : The driver does not activate properly and returns the Windows error code 126 as seen above, and we have an explanation of why we get the driver error. 126 means that a necessary .dll file is missing. This can be due to 3rd party software for the driver not having been installed.

Determine if 3rd party driver software is missing. If so, then install it and this should solve your problem.