Using the Save As command in Definition

FAQ Question

I’ve used the “Save As” command to save my configuration in another folder, but when I try to open it in Definition, I get a message related to my symbol file. Why?



When you use the “Save As” command in Definition, only the core configuration files are copied to the new destination folder. These files are .elm, .dsc, .mdb and .ocf. If you have done any toolbar customization, these files (.tbc files) will also be copied to the new destination. However, this set of files is not enough to have a full, valid configuration. You also need the symbol file, graphics files, etc.


To get a new valid configuration, do the following:

  • Copy the symbol file (.v12) from the source folder to the destination folder.
  • Copy all graphics files you want to reuse from the source folder to the destination folder.
  • In Windows Explorer, create a new report folder for the new configuration. To imitate the IGSS default, name the folder “.R”. You must point to this folder when you activate the configuration.
  • In IGSS Setup on the “Folders” tab, activate the new configuration by pointing to the new configuration file (.elm) and the new report folder.
  • Open the new configuration in the Definition program.