Unable to dial into WinPager while alarm messages are being sent

FAQ Question

When I try to acknowledge an alarm remotely through WinPager, the phone line is often busy and I am unable to send my acknowledgment. Why?


When WinPager fetches a new alarm from the IGSS configuration, it will by all means deliver the alarm as fast as possible to all the required operators in the currently active period.

For example, if a message has to be delivered to two operators, WinPager will dial the paging center and deliver the message for the first operator. When the message has been delivered, WinPager will terminate the connection and immediately start dialing the paging center again (or maybe another paging center) to deliver the message for the next operator. If WinPager has several messages to send, this will continue. The modem (and the phone line) will thus be unavailable for an extended period of time. If you try to dial into WinPager during this period, the phone line will be busy.

If it is essential to be able acknowledge alarms at all times, you will need to install an extra modem on a separate phone line. Configuring the dial-in service to use this second modem while all other paging services are configured to use the original modem will solve the problem.