Using NetBEUI to connect to WinNT 4 server

FAQ Question

I’ve installed SP 6 for WinNT 4 and now I’m having problems with connecting my remote operator stations. How can I solve the problem?


If SP 6 has been installed on the WinNT 4 PC being used as the IGSS server, then the way in which the server handles its remote access clients has been altered compared to a pre-SP 6 installation. This results in the IGSS server disconnecting sessions from remote clients immediately after they’ve been established. The error codes typically seen are 0024 or 0020.

The problem has been resolved in an updated DC.EXE module, which is included in system Update 4. Download Update 4 and install it and you shoud have no more trouble using the NetBEUI protocol.

An alternative solution would be to use the TCP/IP protocol instead of NetBEUI.